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Monday, March 26, 2012

"Mad Men" - 50 Shades of Don Draper?

There's something afoot lately in popular culture. Sex, always a popular topic, has taken an interesting turn of late.

The "50 Shades of Grey" trilogy has highlighted a predilection with domination and submission that isn't often discussed on morning television and the mainstream blogosphere. In those books the relationship between 21-year-old Anastasia and 27-year-old Christian, is one that is  extremely steamy and has turned the publishing world (and now the film world) on its ear. Their relationship is not the type we usually talk about. It's also not the kind of book mainstream moms are usually lined up to read. But they are, in droves. Downloading it and sharing it with the men in their lives, much to their delight I am sure.

Sex as control can happen on many levels. It's just interesting that right now there seems to be a theme happening. My theory is that these are just a new generation of bodice rippers, taken farther than books in the past. But it's not just these books, last night on "Mad Men" we witnessed a similar... proclivity dealing with power and sex.

When Megan Draper, upset by husband Don, begins cleaning her apartment in sexy lingerie and sets out to punish and control him, we see a side of a relationship we aren't not usually privy to. She chides him that he doesn't get to have her, but of course he does, taking her (albeit willingly on her part) by force.

But this power play started much earlier. Her provocative dance (below) at his birthday party, and her teasingly rebuffing his advances at their office set the tone. It may seem that Don, the older, powerful man is in control, but is he really?

Is it that as women come into their own more and more they want "men to be men"? Or is it in a way, women who are wielding the power?

It's an interesting question to ponder. But no matter what, it points out, more clearly than ever, sex is power - no matter who's on top.

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