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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Let's Talk About Sex...

This morning I went to church and heard about sex. And how great it is. Shocked? I wasn't. This is reason number 743 why I love being a UU.

The minsters gave two wonderful sermons quoting folks like Sister Wendy Beckett, who in reference to our bodies and sexuality shockingly said, "God wouldn't give you a toy and then not let you play with it."

Somehow our culture has become obsessed yet incredibly shamed about sex. I even debated whether or not to write about it. But then I decided, to hell with it. if anyone is offended, they don't have to read this.

The thing is, sex is wonderful. It's actually beyond wonderful. It's transcendent. It's a way to bond with someone and truly become one.It's one time (hopefully) in our overly busy, always-in-our-heads lives that we put down our iPhones, Razors, and Blackberrys and just focus on the person we're with. The bond created by being so intimate with another is unlike any other.To love someone enough to allow yourself to be that vulnerable is extraordinary. And it's fun!

With Valentine's Day around the corner I've been thinking a lot about love, and hearts and flowers. But sex is a big part of love. When it's good or if you're lucky, blissfully great, there's nothing like it. And when it's bad, or virtually non-existent there's nothing lonelier.

I think it's time to take the shame out of sex. Our bodies are a great gift, and to not take good care of ourselves - from eating well, exercising and yes, enjoying our sexuality, is just wrong.

Take off that shroud of shame and embrace yourself. All of you. And while you're at it, embrace someone else. I'm thinking it would make Sister Wendy proud.

And if you need a little motivation, well, Kevin Costner says it pretty well...

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