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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I Think I'll Always Be a Little Bit in Love With Lloyd Dobler

If you've never seen "Say Anything," first, what are you waiting for... go get it! If you have seen it you know what a great guy Lloyd Dobler is. Yes, in the movie he is 19-years-old, but at 19 he is more of a man than many men with lots more years on them who do not hold a candle to Lloyd.

As an homage to John Cusack who plays Lloyd, and also plays Rob Gordon in "High Fidelity," I am going to give you my all-time top-five reasons why Lloyd is the man all men should aspire to be.

1. He is verbal. Boy is he verbal. I love a man who talks. And talks, but also listens. Listening is very good.

2. He's himself. He doesn't adhere to convention. He's a bit of a geek. Lloyd thinks outside the box. I do too. He is creative, he's willing to see where life takes him and open.

3. He wears his feelings on his sleeve. He's bold, he stands outside her house with a boombox for God's sake! He's sensitive and sweet, but he's protective too. Remember him pushing the broken glass in the street out of the way so Diane doesn't step on it?

4. He's smart, funny and kind of intense. A trifecta in my book. Smart is number one, and funny is one and a half, and intense - I'm not talking crazy, I'm talking someone who is passionate and not a passive person letting life pass them by.

5. He makes love and the girl he loves a priority in his life. He gets on a plane and leave his life behind to be with Diane Court. A man who gives up something just to get to be with you is pretty damn seductive.

Of course no man can be all these things. Just as no woman can be Brigitte Bardot and June Cleaver (though I try very hard!). Chuck Klosterman famously wrote about the "Lloyd Dobler Effect" is his book, "Sex, Drugs and Cocoa Puffs - A Low-Culture Manifesto" and how Crowe created a man women love, and no man can ever be. He apparently ruined it for every guy. And conversely, kind of for every woman too.

I don't plan that a guy will ever stand outside my house, boombox raised over his head trying to win me back, but a girl can hope. Sure Lloyd isn't real, but I'll never give up hope that there's someone out there with a bit of Dobler in him.

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