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Thursday, May 24, 2012

From Writer to Author - My "Best Worst Year"

About seven years ago I started writing a novel. It was my second one. The first was a bitter diatribe about the dissolution of a marriage that happened to coincide with the end of my own.

In the meantime I began writing for a couple of different newspapers and magazines, became a life coach, fell in love, a couple of times, got my heart broken,,, a couple of times, probably broke a couple of hearts myself. And I kept writing.

I am not the most practical person in the world. I rarely wear footwear that is appropriate for the situation I'm in, I sometimes eat cookies for dinner, and I believe in doing what you love to do. Even if it seems a little crazy.

I got a late start. I married young and divorced when I was 41.It was scary, but it was also like a giant do-over, granted one that involved three children I was a responsible parent to. But it was a chance to figure out who I wanted to be. On my own. No husband, no boyfriend... just me.

And that is where we find our heroine, Cassie Keaton when "The Best Worst Year" opens. An empty nest, a rocky relationship, a tenuous job situation, and no idea of who she is when not defined by caring for others.  It's a place many women find themselves, and it can be terrifying.

My hope is that others will find Cassie's journey inspiring. Along the way I have had many mentors and guides who helped me. If in some small way my story and the one I've created can help inspire someone to live their dream I will be thrilled.

Life is full of endless possibility. So often the only thing that stops us is our own fear. I've worked through a lot of mine, though it still crops up quite often, and in "The Best Worst Year," Cassie falls apart but eventually pulls herself together.

Falling into the depths of despair happens to all of us. It's what happens on the way to pulling ourselves out that makes life and ourselves really juicy and interesting. I hope that perhaps reading about Cassie's ups and downs will help readers to realize they're far from alone, and despite us, things almost always get better.

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