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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Mother's Day Thank You

When I think about who I am one of the first things I think is, "mother." It's one of the key ways I define who I am. I'm also a woman, a writer, a friend, sister, but mom is first and foremost who and what I am.

I was one of those girls who knew from a very young age I wanted to be a mom. Always the girly girl I played "house" well past an appropriate age, and as a teen longed to create a loving home where I could provide my children with all the love and support I felt at times were lacking in my own life.

My first child was born when I was only 21-years-old. Ridiculously young as I look back, but I don't regret it. All of my children were born when I was in my 20s, and I love that I am still young enough myself to have a next chapter after raising them that can be more about my goals, though mom-hood is always the most important role.

I lost my own mother two and a half years ago, two weeks after her 84th birthday. I was lucky to have her well into my adulthood, but it's always too soon to lose someone you love. No one loves you like your mom I discovered.

Now that my children are grown my role has changed. I am now cheerleader, sounding board and part of their support system. It's not my place to ever tell them what to do or how to live their lives, but I will share my thoughts and experiences when asked.

I have been to some of the darkest places you can go during these years, and been lucky enough to come out on the other side. I am one of the luckiest people in the world. It all could have looked very different, but I have been blessed.

No mother is perfect. I am sure my children have their issues and complaints. What I have learned in all my years on the planet is that everyone does the best they can at the time. Holding that belief makes it easier to never hold a grudge, not blame and to keep moving forward,

I cannot imagine what my life would look like without Dylan Shadrach, Benjamin Spencer, and Emma Eun Bee in it. They are my children, my favorite people in the world to hang with, and three people I feel very blessed to call my family. These tease me relentlessly, make me laugh harder than anyone, and as I saw when I lost my own mom, people who are there for me through thick and thin.

Mother's Day is generally a day where children thank their mom for being there for them and all they do. I want to switch things up and thank my children for making my life the rich, challenging, and amazing learning experience it's been. Thank you, you three, for all you've given me, which is far more than I've given you.

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  1. thanks ma! we love you too and certainly we wouldn't be who we are if it wasn't for you!