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Monday, December 20, 2010

One person's Broken Heart Can Be Another's Happy Ending

As a woman I think there's something in my DNA that like a homing device, leads me to the "Vows" section in the New York Sunday Times. A hopeless (or hopeful?) romantic, I love reading about these people with perfect lives, teeth and hair having found their soul mates and marrying in picture-perfect New York City-style.

But then I came across this story which seemed a little less fairy tale, and a bit more tabloid.

A story which starts, "Once upon a time there were two wealthy people, married with children, who became friends through their children, fell in love with each other and left their spouses," doesn't exactly scream happy ending. At least for the spouses left in the dust.

Times have certainly changed, no longer cloaked in shame, adultery is now happily shared with millions in the pages of one of the world's most popular newspapers.

Hey, as long as you two wacky kids are happy, I guess that's all that matters. That and having a really nice apartment in NYC to call home After you've broken the last one.

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